Friday, October 17, 2008


During the Xmas and New Year 2008 period I hired the services of LAPTASTIC ENTERTAINMENT to hire 20 lap dancers on 2 differnt dates. I paid up front and since they didn't have a cancellation policy in place I gave JASON WATSON (owner of laptastic), the full amount up front. The fee was £200 per dancer and 20 dancers totalled to £2,000.

On the first date, only 6 dancers turned up when there should have been 10. He gave me £400 refund for that which was right to do.

However, the 2nd gig was cancelled and Jason told me that Laptastic policy was no refunds. I said reminded him of the fact that no-where on his website at tha time was a refund policy which specified no refunds, therefore, legally I am entitled to a full refund unless there is a cancellation policy that says otherwise. He asked me to lower the amount for him to pay back (which was £1,000) to make it easier for him to pay, so I did. I lowered it by £250 (now totallng £750 instead of £1,000). He constantly lies and makes excuses that his company is in financial trouble.But the point is, he shouldn't have spent mymoney because it didn't belong to him. It is true to think that I shouldn't have cancelled my gigs, but on the other hand he should have made it clear that there were no cancellations. Legally I am entitled to refund, but JASON WATSON has cheated me of £1,000.

My advice to everyone is to stay well clear of JASON WATSON and LAPTASTIC and not to do business with them.

I have more reasons for you not to do business with them.THe 6 girls that did actually turn up on the night were badmouthing me and causing trouble, and one of them was seen snorting cocaine in the loadies toilets. Do you really want your establishment to be dealing with this kind of trouble?

Don't make a mistake, Don't deal with laptastic and stay well clear of anybody claiming to giveyou good deals or services with the name LAPTASTIC or JASON WATSON.